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I'm a recent "empty nester" of 2 grown sons and a working wife of a retiree. As I get closer to my own retirement I've made the decision to finally get serious about showing off my creative side, you see over the years in my spare time I have taught myself how to build websites, both static and mobile, which included learning HTML code, I've also started a couple businesses over the years. 

Since my early 20's I've dabbled in various entrepreneurial projects but trying to do it around raising a family with all that goes with that I alway fell short, I feel I now have the time needed to focus on my own dreams and goals.  

In 2015 I was contacted by an old online associate of mine, Tom Prendergast to take a look at a new inbound marketing system that he was developing.  Since I had known Tom for quite a number of years I trusted him when he said I needed to get involved with this early on, the project was called Markethive.    As I listened to what he had planned for the future I couldn't help but get very excited with his project and told my entire family that they too should get involved, which they did…….

Fast forward to 2019.  With the project still being in beta testing, it was a bit frustrating but I could see progress, even though it was slow.  I had to keep reminding myself that with any start up of this magnitute it would take time to get things right and all the bugs out of the system.  I'm not going to lie I started to get very discouraged over that  timeframe, but I did keep my foot in the door and I can honestly say I'm glad I did because Markethive is starting to grow wings and with the recent scandals involving Facebook and Twitter I believe Markethive will emerge as the powerhouse social network/inbound marketing system it was created to be.  

So for right now I 'm a Branch Admin by day and a blogger by night!  Can't wait for this journey to begin!

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The Top 7 Reasons to Use Inbound Marketing For Lead Generation

In the past, generating leads for your business meant spending thousands of dollars or loads of man hours on outbound marketing techniques like cold calling and television advertisements. The marketing world has changed though and now you can start bringing in leads using the power of the Internet. Whether your company is a Fortune 500 corporation or you're a solopreneur looking to step up your business, leads are always going to be the core of your business. Fortunately, Inbound Marketing can help with generating high quality leads that turn into customers.

Here are 7 reasons why you should choose Inbound Marketing for your next lead generation campaign:

1. It's Measurable

Unless your current leads are telling you exactly where they're coming from, you probably have no idea which of your marketing initiatives are performing the best. With Inbound Marketing techniques, you can easily track where on the Internet your leads are coming from. Plus, a properly executed campaign lets you know what they're interested in as well.

2. It Doesn't Interrupt Your Prospects

Traditional forms of marketing are designed to get in your prospect's face or get to them at a time when they might not even be thinking about what problems your business can solve for them. Inbound Marketing campaigns are designed to be in front of your prospects at the very moment when they are showing interest in what your business has to offer.

3. It Focuses on Adding Value

Behind every Inbound Marketing campaign is the recognition that businesses add value to peoples' lives and should help as much as possible. When you focus on creating campaigns like these that solve the problems your prospects are having, you're making it easier to find your business and earning trust from these prospects.

4. You'll Have Higher Quality Leads

While telemarketing can help to bring in some leads, they're not always the highest targeted leads that turn into customers. Since an Inbound Marketing campaign is designed to be in front of your prospects when they really need you, you can focus more on the benefits of your company rather than the product or service in general.

5. Clarify Your Efforts

Inbound Marketing breaks the bad habit of doing marketing for marketing's sake. Just because you have always done some form of advertising doesn't mean that advertising has been successful. With Inbound Marketing, you can set a schedule to reevaluate your campaigns and drill down to find out what is working and what isn't working.

6. Allows You To Get To Know Your Prospects' Interests

When you set up an Inbound campaign, there are a variety of tools that can help you record what your prospects are looking for and how they're interacting with your website. Using different lead generation methods, you can segment your leads easily so you can send the right sales people to the right leads.

7. Quick Implementation

One of the downsides of many marketing campaigns is that they take months of planning to make happen, especially if you're going to be investing a lot of money in their success. An Inbound Marketing campaign can be started with a smaller budget and scaled up easily to fit the needs of your business.

By Dan Ronken


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Markethive Tour De Force Number 01

Markethive "Tour De Force" vblog broadcast number one

Welcome to our Monthly “Tour De Force”. Exactly as the definition reveals, Markethive operates under the rules of transparency, integrity and peak performance.

Always focused on delivering the very best we can produce, the results are starting to manifest, and this is why our monthly “Tour De Force” Vblog and live webinar has been established.

In the Crypto sphere of 2018, there has been much disappointment, but in this crucible of FUD, Markethive launched, has persevered and even prospered as we prepare to launch a new generation of crowd funding. Our crowd funding campaign is not dependent upon hype, speculation and pump and dump, but dependent upon skilled professionals, transparency, delivery and performance.

Even more so, we have rejected the traditional speculative pump and dump campaigns of the recently failed 90% of the ICOs and have released a debt based, profit driven credible and legitimate option originally called the BOD and now referred to as the ILP.

Join us, follow us and attend our many live broadcasts as we venture forth to build the next monolithic system, but this time, to profit the “entrepreneur” not the “elite”.

Our calendar is found on our main domain @ https://markethive.com/ for attending our webinars, broadcasts and tutorials.

I am the creator/Founder and CEO of an upcoming next generation social network called a Market Network. Its primary purpose is to build a collaborative environment of critical thinkers building profitable enterprises.

The network has a powerful portfolio of marketing tools, a social network and commerce platforms. You need to join it and experience how this is going to be the next generation of your Internet experience.

We are all entrepreneurs, and Markethive is your home.

Membership is free. So please accept my invitation to join me as we pursue making the worlds a better place for all. Let freedom ring.



Thomas Prendergast
CEO and Founder

8 Proven Ways to Prospect Effectively

There’s a saying in business, nothing happens until someone sells something.  

Sales are critical for any business to be profitable and stay in business.  Without new leads and prospects, there can be no new sales.  This makes lead generation (or prospecting) absolutely vital for any businesses, regardless of size or industry.

This can be daunting for many businesses, as some are unsure about the best ways to go about finding new leads, much less being able to prospect more effectively.

Whether you are looking for new ways to prospect or simply make your existing lead generation system more effective, here are eight sales prospecting tips that will help you achieve the results you want.

1. Follow a Consistent Schedule

Be consistent.

Figure out how much time you can set aside each day to work on your prospecting. Even if it is only 15 minutes a day.

By committing to a set amount of time each day, you will create a habit that will continue to bring in new leads and sales and become more efficient and effective with that time resulting in more consistent sales.

For even better results, schedule this as the first thing you do each day.

2. Focus, Focus and Focus

Be focused with your efforts. Create a prospecting plan that is built to help you meet your business goals and sales objectives and then use that to make a daily task list you can follow to keep you on track.

Be sure to include customer retention strategies as part of your plan. Perhaps set aside one day a week to focus solely on your existing customers. This can greatly affect your success as it is not only easier, but also less costly to keep existing customers than it is to find new ones. Plus you can maximize referral opportunities by maintaining great relationships with existing customers.

3. Implement Different Techniques

While you are creating your prospecting plan, you will need to figure out how to find potential leads and the best way to reach out to them and build a relationship.

The best way to approach this is to understand your prospect – do they prefer to connect using social media, email, in person or by phone? Which social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) do they use most and what type content do they prefer to consume (videos, articles, podcasts, checklists, etc.)?

By taking the time to truly understand your prospects, what they need and how they communicate, you will greatly increase your success in connecting and building relationships with them.

4. Create Prospecting Scripts

Effective marketers use scripts or templates.

While personalizing every conversation is key when prospecting, you can become more efficient and effective, by starting out with a template that you can use over and over.

Let be frank, it can be challenging to have a conversation with prospects. It is easy to go off topic, ramble, forget information or just not know where to start – whether you are talking to them or messaging them.

A script gives you a solid starting place. With a little research and actively listening to your prospects needs and wants, you can tailor your conversation to meet their needs and ensure that you don’t waste your time or theirs.

5. Be a Provider of Great Solutions

People buy from people they know, like and trust.

The best way to accomplish this is to build relationships with your potential prospects by providing great value.

Great value starts by delivering helpful content that helps prospects make informed choices or solves their challenges, even if this means they do not become your customer. If and when they do purchase from you, keep working to further build the relationship by finding other ways to help them become more successful.

The additional benefit of this is that if you have helped them consistently, they will be more likely to refer you to their friends, family and colleagues, whether or not they have actually purchased from you.

6. Practice Warm Calling

Cold calling (and even cold emailing) has become a largely ineffective marketing strategy in recent years.

Sales people are finding much greater success using warm calling (and emailing). Warm calling means getting on the radar of your prospects by making them somewhat familiar with who you are, before you call (or email).

There are a number of great ways to do this. The most powerful is by being introduced by a mutual contact or connection. When someone introduces you to a prospect, they will be much more receptive to meeting and talking to you. Third party credibility and social proof are very powerful.

Other ways that you can get on a prospects radar is through social media. Where and when it is appropriate, you can try using strategies such as commenting and sharing your prospects posts or connecting with them on platforms like LinkedIn.

7. Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader

When you become a thought leader or authority on your topic, you greatly increase the likelihood that prospects will know, like and trust you.

But it is not as simple as calling yourself a thought leader – you become an authority when others recognize and start viewing you as a subject matter authority and sharing your content.

Getting to this place takes time and commitment. You need to start by building your community and consistently offering your best knowledge and tips. Listen to your community, find out what they need and then offer it to them in the format they prefer to consume on the platforms they use most.

8. Know That Prospecting is Not Selling

Prospecting is NOT selling.

Prospecting is about locating, connecting and then building a relationship with potential prospects, who in time will naturally move into your sales funnel. It is once these prospects have entered your sales funnel that they become leads and the active process of selling begins.

If you push sales related materials on a prospect before this point, there is a very good chance you will ruin the relationship you have worked to build, wasting your time, effort and often times…money.

Wrap Up

Put into action, these eight tips can help you to build an efficient and effective prospecting process that builds strong relationships and increases your sales. Always remember that you are selling to individuals, even when you are in a B2B situation, people buy from people.

Do you consistently follow a prospecting process? What is your most effective prospecting tip? Let me know in the comments below.

Source:  Melonie Dodaro, CEO

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5 Online Marketing Basics Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Entrepreneurs spend a considerable amount of time learning how to boost their businesses.  Marketing is key to the success of a business and online marketing is ever so important. According to Constant Contact,  84 percent of people say that the biggest difference in small businesses between now and five years  of more online marketing tools.

Every entrepreneur needs to be familiar with these five concepts to maximize online marketing results.

1. Upselling and Customer Loyalty Are Profitable,

The standard online campaign is expected to sell products profitably. This is also referred to as “single sale campaigns” because each sale is meant to be profitable. These campaigns can turn out to be unprofitable due to rising advertising costs and price wars. One solution is to make it profitable with upsells and the life time value of a newly acquired customer.

It is much easier to sell to existing customers than to acquire a new one. Consequently, create a strategy that increases the amount of items or services they order once they have come to trust you.

2. Look-alike audiences do work.

Let someone else do the heavy lifting. By installing a few pixels you can allow advertising platforms to collect data about your customers and learn more about their online behaviors. These pixels will then work as a targeting tool and help the advertising platforms to find additional users with similar online behaviors with the goal to increase your online sales.

Typical examples are the Google Display Select Targeting and Facebook Lookalike Audiences. Google Display Select targets people who are similar to the ones that visit your site through the search campaigns. It works best if your campaigns have had traffic and conversions for a couple of months.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences target either people who are similar to those who already like your page or profiles similar to the profiles of your existing customers.

3. Social media is good media.

Many businesses worry social media might be not a good advertising tool. However, social media offer so many targeting methods that it has become a good advertising platform for most businesses.

Social media can work better for some businesses than others. As a rule of thumb, test Linkedin when marketing to businesses and Facebook when marketing to consumers, though many B2B businesses have been successful with Facebook advertising. Try Twitter Video Ads, Stumble Upon’s Paid Discovery, Promoted Pins, +Post Ads for Google+ and more to reach your target audience.

4. Testing is not immediately profitable.

Testing new advertising channels might not be profitable at first but that doesn’t mean that you should pause it right away. You should expect to have new advertising channels converting up to 50 percent more than existing ones.

This implies that they have potential and simply require tune ups or optimizations before scaling up the budget. Testing is especially advantageous for accounts that are successful but require more traffic volume to boost sales.

5. Expand campaigns based on what you learn.

Using a platform such as Google Analytics is a must for collecting data such as what pages people visit, what products they bought after their first purchase, how much time they spend on certain pages, what pages they visit after, age, gender, geographical area of your customers and more. The trick in using Google Analytics is to take this data and use it across platforms to scale up results.

For instance, generate traffic through Facebook, find out what portion of this traffic is behaving well on your site and show ads to only this portion via the Google Search Network. A concrete example would be to find out what services or products people who came from Facebook Ads bought. Step two would then be to make a list of the people who spent the most and show ads to those people on Google with a traditional Google Search Network Campaign.

Rocco Baldassarre, GUEST WRITER

You can stay on top of all your task by using Markethive’s suite of advanced inbound marketing tools.  If you would like to take your business to the next level, sign up for your free account today and enjoy unlimited access to all the tools within the “Hive”.